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If there is one profession that can only be done with passion, it must be cooking. Cyril Haberland was always full of passion for the world of cooking, with so many products to get to know, so many smells and savours to discover and to try out. In his native region in the east of France, he got his first « impressions » of the kitchen; this is where he started to love cooking, and his persistence allowed him, during his entire career, to make a success of his projects and meals.
His further career can be found in the various kitchens he worked in, from Normandy, where he obtained his first Michelin star, to Cordeillan Bages, where he was the right-hand of the famous chef Thierry Marx for 3 years. But let's not jump to conclusions, Cyril Haberland has his « personal » way of cooking and in his case, originality does not mean far-fetched; for the knowledge of his team, he demands the same standards as for the origin of his products: everything is thought over and everything is tasted, tried out and started over again.
This result can be found in the small menus of the Bistro La Verrière but also in the more sophisticated and gourmet menus of L'Oison.
Cyril Haberland came to Périgueux 3 years ago, for the region and the regional products that make our cooking so rich. In a short period of time, he managed to make an artwork of this type of cooking, which has made it so famous.